Cap Feeder Elevator

Cap Feeder Elevator

Cap Feeder Elevator is type of machine which is available with storage silo generally used in conjunction with mother machine like capping machine. Waterfall type cap feeder elevator can store relatively larger amount of bottle closures like Screw caps, ROPP Caps etc in storage silo over traditional vibrator hopper / orientator hopper used in capping machine.

The fundamental purpose of the Waterfall cap feeder elevator is to orient a bottle closure like Screw cap, ROPP Caps & discharge it to a transfer system which is generally a Shute of the capping machine. Closures are trickled through a hopper onto a horizontal section of belt. The cap in wrong direction will fall down due to the centre of gravity difference and correct oriented closures continue to travel up the elevator to where they are pushed with the help of pneumatics system & stripped sideways off of belt into a discharge area. From here caps are transferred by a chute to where they are applied to a container.


System suitable for feeding Cap at higher speed without any stoppage.
System can be supplied with any type of Capping Machine for continues operation.
Machine is synchronized with Single Head and Multihead Capping Machines.
Operator can feed the Caps to the Hopper fitted on machine at Ground Level and System transfer the Cap using Pocket type Belt system at required interval to any Capping Machine continuously for trouble free non-stop operation.
Suitable for all types of bottles or Jar Caps

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