Semi Automatic Paste Filling Machine

Semi Automatic Paste Filling Machine

Filling Range: 5 gm to 1 Kg (with the help of Change Parts)

Output: 8 to 20 bottles per minute. (Depending upon Ointment Characteristics and Filling Size)

Applicable Industry:

Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic, Food, Agrochemical and relevant

Suitable for Different Types of Material like Cream, Ointment, Paste and Relevant

Semi Automatic Paste Filling Machine is a tabletop small machine that is compact and versatile. A Paste or Liquid Filling Machine is an apparatus for filling paste, semi-solid or liquid substances in containers, jars or tubes. The process starts by filling the semi automatic paste filling machine with the desired substance. Then the material can be filled into various containers manually. It can be easily managed and operated by a single person. The machine is made of high quality stainless steel and has a simple operation system. Excellent quality parts are used in this pasting filling machine that works together to make this device run efficiently and effortlessly. Aarvi Engineering Process Machine is the Semi Automatic Paste Filling Machine Manufacturer in Ahmedabad.


Unique table top machine suitable for small output for high viscosity liquid and paste
Compact and versatile unit S.S. matt finished body, easy to understand.
Suitable for different shapes and size containers
Suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic, Nutraceutical, Dairy, Juice, Chemical, Food, Cosmetics, Pesticides and Agro Industries

Technical Details

Number Of Filling Head1 / 2
Number of Inner HeadNA
Number of Sealing HeadNA
Number of ApplicatorNA
Production / Rate8 To 12 / 16 To 20 Bottle /Min (Depends On Bottle Size, Material characteristics and operator Efficiency)
Fill Size10 ml to 1 Ltr (With the help of change parts)
Type of ProductPlastic, Glass, HDPE bottles, tins and containers, Pouches
Type of Filling MaterialPaste, Semi Solid, Hot, Cold
Type of SealNA
Type of LabelNA
Label SpecificationNA
Material Contact PartSS3 316
Material Non-Contact PartSS 304, SS Cladded MS Body Plate
Type of TechnologyPump / Syringe Based, Controller Based / PLC Based

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