Air Jet Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Airjet Cum Waterjet Bottle Cleaning Machine

Twin application for Bottle Washing – Airjet cum Waterjet

The Airjet cum waterjet bottle cleaning machine can be used in the food beverage industry for bulk washing of bottles, in the pharmaceutical sector for bulk washing of bottles, in the paint industry and in other industrial sectors. Airjet cum Waterjet Machine is the perfect solution for your bottling unit. It combines the best of Airjet and waterjet technologies to give you non-stop washing without any downtime. This machine can be used to clean plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal cans, glass jars etc. This equipment is based on a fully digitalized PLC technology. The user interface is easy to operate and provides all necessary data for effective use.


Heavy duty base with robust construction off S.S. matt finished body
Suitable or rinsing bottles with pressurized water as well as air wash
for Inner and Outer wash for glass and pet bottle and vial
No timing setting is required and less change over time for change parts
Machine is fully covered with polycarbonate cover
The synchronized rotary carrousel wheel feeds the bottle one by one into pocket. A nozzle shall be positioned directly below the bottle neck and spray the rising medium. After rinsing, the bottles shall be conveyed in upright position and transferred to discharge end of slat conveyed
High speed latest digital PLC technology
Machine can be synchronized with filling machine
Vibration Free, Jerk Free, Noise less construction with the help of different motors

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