Bulk Liquid Filling Machine

Bulk Liquid Filling Machine

Filling Range: 50 Ltr to 200 Liter

Output: 1 to 3 drums per minute for 1 Liter. (Depending upon Liquid Characteristics and Filling Volume)

Applicable Industry:

Lubricant Oil, Edible Oil, Ghee, Dairy Products, Chemical, Cleaning Material, Agrochemical, Pesticides, Food and Beverages, Dairy, Juice and relevant

The semi automatic bulk liquid filling machine is loadcell based machine works on weigher based machine having actuators to prevent dropping after completion of filling volume. The desired volume can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the eccentricity. This multi function multi featured machine meets the custom requirements of filling of liquid material in drums and jars.


Unique machine suitable for large output
Low Power Consumption
Compact and versatile unit S.S. matt finished body
Suitable for different shape and size containers
Easy and accurate adjustments of fill desired quantity without the help of change parts

Operation: Jars and drums have to place manually below the filling nozzles of the machine. Where fill desired preset volume flow through pump in the jar.

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